Touch Football

St Margaret's touch football is one of the most popular sports at the school and is a part of the Autumn fixture competition within the QGSSSA competition. With high participation levels, touch football has had success over the last few years, with several teams earning premierships.
Teams are organised in Years 8, 9, 10, Senior and Open selections.
Training commences Term 1 and the competition is in Term 2. There are two training sessions per week - one morning and one afternoon session will take place.
Training Venue
Windsor Park sporting fields
Competition and Venues
Games take place on Friday afternoon. St Margaret's home games are played at Windsor Park sporting fields. Other venues vary depending upon the location of the host school. The QGSSSA competition concludes in June.
Training can be conducted in the navy physical education uniform. Competition uniform is the school navy lycra physical education bike pants and the touch football singlet.
Additional School Competitions
Brisbane All Schools – 2015 Champion School
Queensland All Schools ‚Äč