Private Music Tuition

As part of the Music Program at St Margaret’s, visiting specialist music teachers offer their services to students from Prep to Year 12. Practical Music lessons are offered for the following instruments:

Violin Trumpet
Viola Trombone
Cello  Euphonium
Double Bass  French Horn
Flute  Tuba
  Guitar - classical/contemporary
Oboe  Bass Guitar
Clarinet  Percussion (including drum kit)
Bassoon  Piano
Saxophone  Voice
Baritone Horn  

Music theory lessons are also available upon request.

In order to commence Private Music Tuition at St Margaret’s, an Application for Music Tuition form must be completed and returned to the Music Department. Upon receiving the application, the relevant music teacher will contact the student to arrange a lesson time. It is most important that parents carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Private Music Tuition and agree to them before enrolling their daughter for lessons.