Each year St Margaret's produces a number of publications ranging from the Flyer to Annual Reports, all of which are available to be viewed online. 


An annual publication, St Margaret's Flyer documents and showcases teaching and learning both in the classroom and beyond, celebrates the achievements of students, staff and past students and covers events and other school news. It is distributed to the wider St Margaret's community including current and prospective families and Old Girls and is available to read online here. 


Sunata is St Margaret's staff professional learning journal which is published annually. Within its pages, Sunata comprises a collection of scholarly articles covering educational trends and the professional learning endeavours of St Margaret's staff. Sunata publications are available to be read online here

Annual Reports

St Margaret's Annual Reports are available to be read online here.

First Nations Publications 

St Margaret’s has published two unique anthologies, Ghidal and Mulu Maguydan, authored by the school’s First Nations students. The goal of these anthologies, an innovation of Secondary Teacher Margot Shave, was that St Margaret’s would enact its own form of Reconciliation – a coming together of stories as an expression of listening, debunking stereotypes and celebrating the unique cultures of these students.

The researching and writing process of the anthologies uncovered many stories that empowered First Nations students and allowed them a greater voice to share their stories across the school community. Through the school’s Reconciliation Action Plan, and the publication of the anthologies, the culture and identity of the First Nations students is being nurtured and affirmed within the school community.

A third publication, Our Stories, is now in the pipeline with the school’s First Nations students continuing to share their stories but also celebrating food as a cultural expression through the recipes of their families and communities.

Read Ghidal and Mulu Maguydan here.