Academic results


St Margaret’s has again achieved very pleasing results and we commend the efforts and dedication of our students and the staff and parents who support them.

Across all domains (Writing, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy) and all tested year levels (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9), St Margaret’s results are, again, well above state and national averages. 

While we no longer have comparative data to report against, we believe our consistently strong results are commensurate with previous years, where St Margaret’s ranked amongst the top-performing schools in Queensland.

St Margaret’s maintains a strong focus on literacy and numeracy as the foundation of all good learning and these results reflect the school’s commitment to ensuring all students have the best opportunities to develop these skills.

NAPLAN results are used both individually and collectively. Individually, they provide important insights to a child’s progress, strengths and areas requiring further development. Collectively, the results ensure we are meeting our commitment to developing strong foundational skills and are used to further inform curriculum programs and delivery throughout the school.

These results are but one measure among many that contribute to the well-rounded education St Margaret’s provides to our students.

NAPLAN 2023 (PDF 116KB)



We congratulate the graduates of 2022 on their final academic results.

St Margaret’s has a proud history of academic excellence borne of the school’s commitment to leading teaching and learning programs, our students’ enthusiastic engagement with the school, and the supportive parent and alumni communities. Since its inception, the school has focused on the education of the ‘whole child’ and is immensely proud of the rich experience offered to students across all aspects of its academic, extracurricular and student wellbeing programs.

The St Margaret’s learning journey offers its diverse community of students a range of pathways to cater for their interests and aspirations, and their passions and strengths.

St Margaret’s is a non-selective school which consistently achieves above state and national averages across the key academic markers. The graduates of 2022 are no exception and have achieved outstanding academic results.

100 per cent QCE infographic - Copy

2022 portfolio pathways infographic


The statistics below represent 109 of our 111 ATAR eligible students, with students having the option to withhold their results from the school.

2022 ATAR results infographic B  

We wish our graduated Year 12 students all the best in their future studies and endeavours.

We thank and acknowledge our dedicated teachers for their stewardship of the learning journey of our seniors and also our parents and guardians who worked in partnership with us throughout their daughter’s schooling.