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Why St Margaret’s?

Educating your child within a community that shares your family values is one of the many reasons St Margaret's is the school of choice for our students. Founded by the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent, St Margaret’s has been educating young women since 1895.  As an academic institution we deeply value the legacy of the Sisters who dedicated their lives to the education of women and children and weave their values of compassion, hope and charity into the daily activities occurring at St Margaret’s.  

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exemplary staff

Exemplary Staff

St Margaret's have a team of outstanding staff. They are a dedicated, caring and professional team, committed to instilling a love of learning in their students that will last a lifetime. Exemplars of lifelong learning, almost 50 per cent of staff have or are working towards their master's degree.

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Educating the whole child

St Margaret’s girls are well rounded young women who are scholars, athletes, artists, musicians and philanthropists. The extensive extra-curricular program at St Margaret’s enables girls to pursue interests or experience new ones while developing skills and making connections across different disciplines throughout their school life. 

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Why St Margaret's

Success looks like...

St Margaret's academic success is well-known with the students scoring above state averages in NAPLAN testing and OP scores. However, we are proudly a multi-pathway school, and recognise that success must not be limited to academic outcomes: an excellent education incorporates both academic success and a focus on exposing young people to opportunity and broadening their horizons, and educating the whole child. Our personalised approach to each child's learning journey helps us identify what success might look like for them, where their strengths and talents lie, and gain insight into what they hope to achieve, so we can help them realise their goals. 

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Why a Girls' School?

The smaller size of St Margaret’s and its all girl environment is one of its greatest strengths. In this environment, every girl is known, and every girl has access to opportunities which allow her to shine in her own way. Girls in girls schools achieve stronger academic results than any other group, they work more collaboratively and less competitively, and they witness strong female leadership resulting in more chances to lead themselves.  

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