At St Margaret’s our boarders are housed in the heart of the Ascot campus – a safe and tranquil environment surrounded by tree-lined streets, well-kept gardens and residences, and views that extend across the river and cityscape to the distant ranges. It's a great place to come 'home' to at the end of the school day.

Students are divided among nine dormitories, each named after a significant woman in Australia’s history. The most recent addition to the boarding house is the Longman wing, dedicated exclusively to our youngest boarders in Years 5 to 7. Having their own quiet separate space and facilities within the house helps to ease their transition from home to boarding. Girls in Years 8 to 10 are accommodated in rooms of four; Year 11 boarders share a room with one other girl; and seniors have their own room.

Lounge Areas
All year levels have their own common areas, central to their rooms, which offers a great communal space where the girls can easily gather and socialise. These areas have lounges and bean bags, TVs, DVD players, fridges and microwaves. Just like home, really!

Eton Kitchen
Boarders can access their own kitchen – Eton Kitchen – every afternoon and on the weekends. The kitchen has two work stations – one for junior house and one for senior house – and is  fully stocked at the beginning of term and then restocked as requested.

Sports Amenities
On the weekends, boarders can access the pool and main school gymnasium under the supervision of residential supervisors. They can also use the tennis courts, as well as their own mini-gym in Eton Hall. A personal trainer visits weekly to help the girls with their fitness goals, whether for sport or their own personal health. Across the road in Petrie Street, a boarders' backyard has been created adjacent to the Head of Boarding's residence. Just like many backyards at home, there is a trampoline, cricket set, softball gear and basketball hoop. Any year level can wander over and enjoy a relaxed afternoon of recreational activities with their friends. 

Boarding House Reception
Staff in the boarding house reception assist the girls with all administrative matters, including handing in passports, airline tickets etc at the beginning of term, accessing pocket money etc. The online leave system Reach is used, which is convenient for parents and is also a very efficient and effective way of monitoring the flow of boarders as they go about their activities.   

The boarding house reception is open:
Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 6:45pm
Sunday: 2:00pm – 8:00pm

Health Centre
The Health Centre is staffed by two Registered Nurses and is open:
Monday to Friday: 6:30am – 9:00pm
Weekends: 4:00pm – 8:00pm 
There is a nurse on call outside of these hours.

Contact Details
P: +61 7 3862 0778

General medical attention is given to all boarders at the school in the Health Centre or at the doctors' rooms. Appointments to see a doctor must be made through the nurse on duty in the Health Centre. A staff member or a senior student escorts boarders to these appointments.

Our experienced catering staff provide well-balanced and varied menus, preparing over 1000 restaurant quality meals every day. Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are an integral part of every menu and dietary requirements and cultural sensitivities can all be accommodated. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner are served in the dining hall, adjacent to the boarding house. Meals are substantial and ensure boarders receive a wide variety of healthy food options. 

Laundry and Housekeeping
St Margaret’s has a dedicated team of laundry staff, housekeepers and cleaners who ensure all the boarders’ needs are met.There is a daily clean of each dormitory, and the maintenance team keep everything in good working order. Boarders have a full laundry service at their disposal, with their laundry handled on site in an industrial-capacity laundry facility.