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Fowler, LesaWelcome to St Margaret's boarding. My name is Lesa Fowler and it's been my privilege to lead the St Margaret's boarding house since 2008.

Boarding at St Margaret’s is a rewarding, fulfilling and happy experience for all. As the only full time boarding school in Brisbane, boarders have a significant impact on the life of the school, contributing to its spirit, curricular and co-curricular programs. With approximately 185 girls and some staff living on campus, there is always something happening and always plenty of friends in the house over the weekends to share time with. Our boarders come from near and far from both within Australia and overseas, making for a wonderfully diverse community.

Our main focus in the boarding house is on providing the highest level of care we can to each individual child. The emotional health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families are priorities. The boarding house is a busy place, with a warm, supportive and caring atmosphere. We aim to instil within the boarders the values of respect, consideration, trust and honesty, which complement the core values of the school: Spirit, Inclusivity, Respect, Integrity, Courage and Passion.

Professional, well-trained specialist boarding staff are always available to offer the care and encouragement needed while everyone in this large family is learning to cope with successes and/or challenges of school life. This is but one facet of the Christian ethos which distinguishes St Margaret’s as a caring and compassionate community.

Just like living at home, we aim to create a friendly and supportive house, where boarders can live happily and develop the necessary social and community skills to be successful members of society. As in any community, certain agreed guidelines are essential and the viewpoints of others must be considered. We set the bar high in terms of self discipline and respect for others within the boarding and wider school community. As parents of boarders will tell you, their girls flourish and mature in the boarding house, and develop a greater sense of independence, tolerance and patience, which serves them well throughout their lives.

I look forward to sharing more of the St Margaret's boarding story with you when you visit the school. For all boarding admissions inquiries, in the first instance please contact Mrs Judy Robinson on (07) 3862 0762 or email admissions@stmargarets.qld.edu.au 


View our Boarding video to get a little insight into what it is like living and learning at St Margaret's.