Just as parents put the wellbeing of their children before anything else, so too, St Margaret's boarding house staff, first and foremost, are concerned for the welfare of the boarders in their care, ensuring they have strong connections within the house - with other students and staff - and feel both supported and cared for.

All boarding house staff are well-qualified in their roles to care and support the girls. Housemothers provide the day to day care of the girls and really get to know them well. There is one housemother to each year level and they are with them for the whole year.

A pastoral care coordinator supports the housemothers in this pastoral role; and the activities coordinator helps ensure the girls are engaged and connecting with friends and have plenty of interesting opportunities to explore.

The head of boarding is highly experienced and is very instrumental in supporting the girls across both their school and 'home' life.

In addition to the support of the staff, St Margaret's also runs a structured Big Sister Program, with Year 11 students taking on the guided responsibility of mentoring newcomers to the house, to help them navigate the early challenges of settling into boarding and ensuring they have an 'older sister' to call on.