Ponytail Project News_1
26 Jul 2016

Ponytail Project

The Ponytail Project has gathered extraordinary momentum in its second year as community members tak ...
cjHendryThumb 1
22 Sep 2016

Born to Fly Upwards

Renowned visual artist and St Margaret’s Old Girl cj Hendry recently donated one of her characterist ...
Inspirational Educators Thumb
4 Oct 2016

Inspirational Educators

Our community has nominated a number of St Margaret's staff for the National Excellence in Teaching ...
ThumbPanama Throw
4 Oct 2016

Year 12 Academic Results

Congratulations to our 2016 seniors on their final results.
PWN Penelope Twemlow 2
4 Oct 2016

Challenge to demolish gender bias

“Whether you wear stilettoes or steel cap boots, unglue yourself from the sticky floor and smash the ...