Boarding Families

 A strong partnership with open lines of communication is the basis of a successful boarding experience. In addition, our boarding families are the most wonderful supporters of each other, the boarding house and the school. 

The St Margaret's boarding staff genuinely understand what it is like for parents to be away from their daughter. Regular communication, both individually or as a group, helps both daughters and their parents bridge this distance.

Each week the All Aboard newsletter is emailed to boarding families, giving them up-to-date information on all activities, news and events relating to the boarding house. Supervisors also send a fortnightly email to parents with an update on what has been happening in each year group. A closed boarders Facebook page is regularly updated with all the happenings in the house, with parents delighted to see regular photos of their girls enjoying themselves.

Boarders Parents’ Support Group

As the boarding house is such an integral part of the school, the Boarders Parents' Support Group represents this important part of the community. It aims to promote a close relationship between boarder parents, staff and parents of day girls; it acts on behalf of boarder parents in consultation with the Principal and Head of Boarding to help enhance boarding life; it participates in fundraising activities and encourages all boarder parents where feasible to take part in school activities; and, where possible, actively assists parents of new students.

The Boarder Parents’ Support Group meets once a term, where parents are encouraged to have input into the boarding house and to be involved in matters affecting their daughter’s boarding life at St Margaret’s.

A highlight of the year is the Boarder Parents' Support Group cocktail party, where boarding parents invite the parents of day students who have supported their daughters to express their appreciation. Boarding parents also love to host their daughter's day student friends in the holidays; for many this means experiencing Australian rural life or even another culture overseas. 

Regional Visits

St Margaret's senior boarding and leadership team staff members regularly visit the towns and homes of boarding families. This helps the boarding team better understand a child's origins and home life and forges a stronger bond with parents, cementing that all important partnership.