Global Exchange Program

The Year 10 Global Exchange Program enables St Margaret’s students to acquire and further develop new skills in problem solving, independent decision-making and social poise; expand cultural and ethnic awareness; enhance their passion for learning; and become exceptional ambassadors of the program overseas and in the St Margaret’s community.

The program promotes the vision of the school in providing unique opportunities for students to participate in global citizenship in the context of school and family life and encourages active demonstration of the six core values of St Margaret’s – passion, respect, spirit, integrity, courage and inclusivity.

Year 9 students are invited to apply for the Exchange Program and undergo a comprehensive selection process with successful applicants participating in the program in Year 10 for one term. This is a reciprocal hosting program with 11 schools in six countries across the globe:

  • Crofton House School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Shawnigan Lake School, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Saint-Nom-de-Marie, Montreal, Canada
  • Ursulinenschule Hersel, Bornheim, Germany
  • Konan Girls High School, Kobe, Japan
  • Nga Tawa, Wellington Diocesan School for Girls, Marton, New Zealand
  • St Margaret's College, Christchurch, New Zealand (Rowing Exchange)
  • St Anne's Diocesan College, Hilton, South Africa
  • St Mary's Diocesan School for Girls, Kloof, South Africa
  • Chatham Hall, Chatham, Virginia, USA
  • Augusta Preparatory Day School, Martinez, Georgia, USA

"Before being given the humbling and educational opportunity to go on exchange in Japan for 2016, the extent of my knowledge of this nation and its language could only be traced back to sushi. Which yes did become useful, but within my few months abroad it’s safe to say that my language, love for this country and its people grew greatly. Some of the most memorable experiences I made I had the pleasure of sharing with people who didn’t speak a drop of English. However, through this I learned to communicate with people without using words and form new connections that I know will last a lifetime. Coming from an Island in tropical North Queensland and going to Kobe in Japan was quite the difference. There was not one moment I did not feel the loving support from the people around me, as I appreciate looking back at the generosity and care my host family gave me. Japan and its people welcomed me with open arms and took me on a once in a lifetime journey, showing me their history, landmarks and unique culture. I deeply encourage every girl no matter who they are to apply as this opportunity does not come every day. Not only do you grow as a person and learn lifelong skills and make lifelong friends but this is a chance to really test yourself as you spread your wings and fly like every Maggie's girl should… after all, we are born to fly upwards." – Jondayah Martin (past exchange participant to Japan)

Global Exchange Brochure 2023/2024 (PDF 2.1MB)

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St Margarets Global Exchange Program from StMargAGS on Vimeo.