Maggies Podcast

Maggies Podcast final

Maggies Podcast is a platform for students to broadcast local school news as well as the wider world news within the school community. A team of budding student journalists, producers, and a post-production crew work fortnightly to pitch, research, write and record news stories, with technical producers editing and assembling the program with music, sound effects and secondary audio tracks, including interviews and sound bites.

The podcast provides a platform that strengthens the connection across the primary and secondary school while genuinely connecting with a wider audience of school community members. Contributing students can strengthen their communication skills with an authentic audience and purpose; foster critical, creative and ethical thinking; form their own opinions; and cultivate enterprising skills as they investigate, create and communicate with a range of technologies. Students have access to a dedicated recording studio and state of the art recording equipment.

Maggies Podcast is available to download via the POD. It can be listened to anytime, anywhere and on any device. We look forward to growing the Maggies Podcast audience and continuing to educate, inform, inspire, and enlighten the St Margaret’s community through this medium.