Cross Country

St Margaret's has a long history of success within cross country. Strong interest and participation in this sport has resulted in St Margaret's becoming one of the most successful schools within the QGSSSA competition and in state and national competitions:
          2015 - Joan Benson Percentage Trophy Winners
                    3rd Place Aggregate Cup
                    2nd Place 14 Years, 15 Years and 16 Years Division
          2002-2013 - Joan Benson Percentage Trophy Winners
          2011 - 3rd Place QGSSSA
          2010 - 3rd Place QGSSSA
          2009 - 2nd Place QGSSSA
          2008 - 2nd Place QGSSSA
Head Coach
The cross country program is run by Eric Brown who is a Level 5 multi-events coach, has a Graduate Diploma in Elite Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland, and has coached athletes at the National and State Cross Country Championships.
Training Venue
Surrounding suburbs
The QGSSSA Cross Country Competition takes place in May at Rivermount College, Yatala. Students also compete in lead-up competition meets on various dates and at various venues.