​​​​There are references to rowing at St Margaret's dating back to the start of the 20th century. However, it was the formation of the BSRA in 1990 that really established rowing as prominent sport within the framework of St Margaret's. In 2005, the St Margaret's Rowing Shed, located just 1.5km from the school in Yowogerra Park on Breakfast Creek, was completed.

The facility allows a full fleet of world class boats and oars, as well as coaching tinnies and rowing machines, to be stored and accessed by students throughout the year.

Rowing at St Margaret's is about developing transfe​rable, life-long skills through training. Rowing requires a high level of teamwork, commitment and dedication - more than most other sports. St Margaret's remains highly competitive within the regattas and The Head of the River. Recent significant achievements include:

 2017 1st Place Aggregate Cup
  1st Place Year 8 and Senior Divisions
 2016 ​1st Place Aggregate Cup
  1st Place Year 8, 10 and Senior Divisions
 2015 1st Place Aggregate Cup
  1st Place Year 10 and Senior Divisions
  2nd Place Year 9 Division Head of the River Regatta
 ​2011-2016 ​First VIII Race (Open Crew) Head of the River Champions
 ​2014 1st Place Year 8 First Quad Race​
  2nd Place Year 8, 9 and 12 Single Scull Race
  1st Place Year 10 Single Scull Rac
  1st Place Senior Third Eighth Race
  2nd Place Second Eighth Race
 2013 1st Place Year 8 First Quad Race
  1st Place Year 9 Second Quad Race
  2nd Place Year 8 Single Scull Race

Girls compete in year levels, rather than age groups. Following trials, all Years 8 to 12 girls are selected into crews. The fastest student in each year level is also selected to race in the single scull. Rowing endeavours to accommodate all students who wish to participate.

Training is held in Terms 2 and 3.
There are limited opportunities in Term 1 for new rowers to attend 'Learn to Row' sessions. During the holidays between Terms 2 and 3, all rowers are encouraged to attend the rowing camp.
In Term 3 there are five lead-up regattas, the majority of which are on the Sunshine Coast, at Lake Kawana. The season concludes with the BSRA Head of the River Regatta in late August at Lake Kawana.

Training Venue
St Margaret's Rowing Shed, Sandgate Road, Albion.

Competition Venue
The BSRA Regatta Season is held on Saturdays throughout Term 3 at Lake Kawana on the Sunshine Coast.

Training is conducted in the physical education polo shirt and bike pants or the rowing suit (Zootie). The competition uniform is the Zootie for all crews other than Year 8s who have the option of wearing the physical education uniform when racing.​​