Anti-Bullying Policy 2018 (PDF 486.9KB)

Community Code of Conduct (PDF 206.8KB) 

Complaints Procedures and Practices Policy (PDF 346.5KB)

Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Policy (PDF 308.3KB)

Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Procedure (PDF 275.5KB)

Enrolment Policy (PDF 506.8KB)

Evacuation Policy (PDF 601.3KB)

Guidelines for Use of Mobile Phones Dec 2017 (PDF 75.3KB)

Laptop User Charter  (PDF 541.6KB)

Laptop Handbook (PDF 180KB)

Lock Down Policy (PDF 505.8KB)

Management of Students with Chronic Illness on School Trips (PDF 73.3KB)

Non School Functions Policy (PDF 539.3KB)

Privacy Policy (PDF 264.5KB) 

Risk Strategy and Operating Framework (PDF 538.7KB)

Student Accident Insurance Policy (PDF 462.5KB) (PDF 510.5KB)

Student Accident Insurance Claim Form (PDF 602.1KB) (PDF 590.6KB)

Sun Smart Policy (PDF 145.9KB)

2020 Parent Handbook (PDF 4.1MB)