House System

St Margaret's has eight houses, all named after great literary figures.

  • Bede (yellow)
  • Chaucer (red)
  • Herrick (orange)
  • Kendall (lime green)
  • Lawson (light blue)
  • Milton (emerald green)
  • Spenser (royal blue)
  • Tennyson (purple)

Houses take part in sporting, cultural and community activities, where the emphasis in on participation. The house system promotes vertical integration with activities occurring across year levels, encouraging the formation of friendships and fostering both a strong house identity as well as strengthening whole school spirit. The house system also provides opportunities for developing leadership and teamwork skills, learning cooperation, and putting service to others before personal ambitions.

The primary and secondary schools each run interhouse swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals, with the whole school joining together for the traditional choral competition, held on the last day of Term 3. Various community service activities are also undertaken in house groups.