Beyond the Classroom

For 13 years, children attend formal school classes where they learn how to learn, learn a range of skills and build their knowledge to prepare for further study and to join the workforce and become contributing, productive members of society.

In these most formative years, children are first and foremost learning about themselves, learning about life and discovering the way in which the world works. To do this, education must go beyond the formal curriculum and provide opportunities for children to undertake this most exciting of adventures.These opportunities must feed the mind, body and soul as we seek to educate the whole child and develop their artistic, cultural, athletic and spiritual dimensions to help them grow into the best versions of themselves.

At St Margaret's, staff work extremely hard to provide these opportunities. They coach and manage sporting teams, and coordinate clubs, activities and philanthropic endeavours, lending their considerable talents to grow and nurture the innate gifts and talents of the students. Participation in these activities is both community and confidence building, and encourages the development of skills beyond the actual activity being undertaken. Being in a club or a team builds social skills; it builds responsibility and nurtures leadership skills. It promotes self-discipline and organisational ability - all skills that also enhance learning skills.

We invite you to look at the opportunities beyond the classroom in this section of the website. We believe it is just one of many reasons that a St Margaret's girl is a happy and engaged student, who makes the most of the considerable opportunities available to her.