St Margaret

ceTLe is St Margaret's Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence which is dedicated to the growth and leadership of educators.

With a focus on leadership excellence, CETLE provides opportunities for leadership learning and experience for educators at all levels.

CETLE aims to:

  • provide educative programs for middle leaders which help them understand the nature of senior leadership in schools
  • provide opportunities for shadowing and mentoring throughout all levels of the organisation
  • provide acting opportunities for staff
  • encourage aspiration in all staff members and provide support to aspirants throughout the application process
  • accept nothing less than transparency and integrity in the work of senior leaders as a means of driving a positive and safe workplace culture built on trust.

Programs and initiatives include:

Managing Your Career Conference

Aimed at teachers transitioning into middle leadership, this one-day conference provides strategies, examines expectations and skills, and offers opportunities for collaboration between speakers and participants.

Aspirant Senior Leaders Program for Middle Leaders

Targeted professional development of a school’s middle leaders is critical to both a school’s operations as well as the future of the teaching profession and healthy educational institutions. To this end, St Margaret’s Principal Ros Curtis, together with Deputy Principal Karen Gorrie, developed an 18-month in-house program for aspirant middle leaders. The program aims to impart to middle leaders – such as Heads of Faculty and Heads of Year, which are narrower in focus – the broader skills, knowledge, and mindset required to lead a school. Everything from scenario analysis, stakeholder engagement, school governance, decision making frameworks, managing staff and difficult conversations to newsletter writing, drafting school policies, and reviewing leadership books is covered through this program. Participants also engage directly with senior leaders through shadowing, and panel discussions with current school principals and deputy principals from across Brisbane.


St Margaret’s regularly holds teachmeets focused on colleagues seeking and sharing ideas to inspire their practices. Teachmeet is an opportunity for educators to come together to innovate, collaborate and share strategies and ideas on teaching the curriculum.

Trends in Education

St Margaret’s Trends in Education Series is a forum to address the latest educational topics and strategies, delivered by an expert in the area of focus. These seminars are held two times a year and are open to educators from schools around Brisbane.

See below, for video recordings of past Trends in Education events.

2021 Trends in Education (2)

Recorded 26 August 2021: Careers of the Future (Dr Jenine Beenhuyzen OAM)

2021 Trends in Education (1)

Recorded on 19 May:Taking a High Performance Approach to Study (Scott Francis)



2020 Trends in Education

20 August: Being proactive in supporting young people in the challenges they face (Damon Joseph - Character Builders)

2019 Trends in Education

Headspace: Building Resilience Wednesday 30 October 2019

QTAC / ATAR Presentation - Wednesday 5 June 2019

2018 Trends in Education Seminars

TIES#2 Professor Pankaj Sah, Director of the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at The University of Queensland (UQ): The Science of Learning

TIES #1 Professor Jeffrey Brand, Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching, Faculty of Society & Design, Bond University: 'Trends Today, Reality 2050'

2017 Trends in Education Seminars

TIES#2 Mathew Stein, St Margaret's Head of Faculty - Global Studies: 'Teaching Thinking"

TIES #1 Mr Chris Farrelly, Manager - STEM Enrichment Programs: 'STEM Education in Schools'

2016 topics and presenters included:

External assessment in Queensland: the implications for schools.
Presented by Mr Brian Short, Chair of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

More like Hemione than Fiona: Assessment for Learning as a source of learning power.
Presented by Dr Jill Willis, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

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Mastery Learning and Thinking Skills: Friends or Foes?
Presented by Trudi Edwards, Acting Head of Primary School, St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School


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