Supplies Shop

The St Margaret's Supplies Shop is situated just off Circular Drive near Gate 1, Petrie Street, Ascot. The shop sells new and second-hand uniforms, school text books and stationery. Toiletries and school merchandise are also available.

Full uniform fittings for new enrolments require appointments, which can be arranged directly with the school supplies shop using the contact details below: Allow approximately one hour for new fittings. 

Contact Details
T: 61 7 3862 0776
F: 61 7 3862 4497

Trading Hours (Term Time) 

Monday 8am – 2pm
Tuesday       8am – 2pm
Wednesday   10am – 5pm
Thursday       8am – 2pm
Friday           8am – 2pm
Public Holidays   Closed

The Supplies Shop operates extended hours trading during high demand periods, which are published here when applicable. 


St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School has partnered with Flexischools to allow students to use their student ID card to make purchases at the Supplies Shop. Flexischools allows parents to budget a pre-loaded amount on their student’s ID card for spending at School.

How does it work?

Parent’s set up a FlexiSchools account online and pre-load their account with funds. Students can make purchases at the Supplies Shop by swiping their card at the register. The register shows a photo of the student for security. Parents can view their student’s purchases online and can set daily spending limits on the student’s card.

The system is now available, and we look forward to seeing your purchase made with your student card.


Go to

Step 1: Click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button

Step 2: Enter your Email Address

Step 3: You will be emailed a link to an online form – follow the link

Step 4: Choose a Name and Password and complete the form

Step 5: Add each of your Student/s name and their year group and link their student ID card number to the account

Step 6: Top-Up the Account – VISA, MasterCard or Direct Deposit.


What does it cost?

Student Card payments are FREE.

There are a variety of payment options supported to top up your Flexischools account, including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bank Transfer. There may be a fee associated with topping up your Flexischools account. Bank Transfers are free but may take up to 2 days to reach your account. Credit Card payments are online and immediate, and incur a 29c fee. PayPal payments are also online and immediate, and incur an additional 35c fee.

If you have any questions, Flexischools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website. 

Books and Stationery
The Supplies Shop organises back to school textbook and stationery packs through Sequel Book Distribution. Orders can be placed throughout the year.

A second hand textbook trading system is available through the Sustainable School Shop. The subscription fee for this service has been paid by St Margaret's. Go to or use the hyperlink to register.


A full list of uniforms for both the primary and secondary school as well as book lists for each year group are available below:

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Pre-Prep (PDF 181.3KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Prep (PDF 188.6KB) 

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 1 (PDF 192.7KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 2 (PDF 198.7KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 3 (PDF 200.3KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 4 (PDF 202.8KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 5 (PDF 201.2KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 6 (PDF 204.1KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 7 (PDF 207.5KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 8 (PDF 208.3KB)

StSt Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 9 (PDF 212.2KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 10 (PDF 222.5KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 11 (PDF 224.7KB)

St Margaret's 2018 Booklist - Year 12 (PDF 228.2KB)


Primary Uniform Schedule (DOCX 22.2KB)

Primary Uniform Price List  (PDF 111.7KB) 

Secondary Uniform Price List (PDF 109.5KB) 

Athlete's Foot School Rewards Program (PDF 820.3KB)  

Speech Night Church Dress Hire (PDF 230.5KB)

Every time you purchase any pair of shoes from The Athlete’s Foot, $5 will be donated back to St Margaret's. This applies to the whole family and across our entire footwear range, including school, athletic, work and casual shoes. There are no restrictions and it’s unlimited. So spread the word!