Application Process

Step 1
Please submit an Application for Admission Form – International Student (PDF 500.4KB) and include the following documents to be completed by the student and their parent(s)/legal guardian(s):

  • Copies of Student Report Cards from the previous two years of study, including a copy of the latest Student Report
  • A completed reference from the student’s current or most recent school principal is also required if student Report Cards do not record student behaviour or commitment to studies
  • Appropriate proof of identity and age
  • Written evidence of proficiency in English as a second language
  • Photocopy or scanned copy of passport page with name, photo identification, passport number and expiry date
  • Enrolment Application Fee of AUD$350.00
  • If the student has own private Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) then details of this must be provided
  • Assessed written pieces of work in English may also be requested
  • Health & Wellness Form.*

*It is very important that parents understand St Margaret's Anglican Girls School needs to have full details of any medical or psychological condition that requires medication or medical supervision, and any learning difficulties or special needs a student may have. Failure to disclose this information at time of enrolment may be grounds for future cancellation of enrolment.

NOTE: Where the above documents are not in English, certified translations in English are required, with necessary costs to be met by the applicant.

Step 2
Where logistically possible, the student is interviewed face-to-face by a member of the Educational Leadership Team; otherwise this could be done via Skype/FaceTime/Viber/WhatsApp. The purpose of this interview is to converse with the student in English, discuss the school and student expectations, discuss accommodation and welfare, refer the student to relevant policies, subjects and appropriate year level curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and address any questions the student may have.

Step 3

The school will notify the student if they can be accepted for Direct Entry or will be required to undertake an ELICOS Course or a High School Preparation Program (HSPP) prior to beginning mainstream studies.  If an ELICOS Course or HSPP is required, evidence of enrolment must be provided to the school. 

Step 4

Once an application has been accepted student will be issued:

  • Provisional Letter of Offer outlining fees payable upfront [including Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), accommodation), entry requirements and course details.
  • Written Agreement outlining total estimated fees for the duration of the enrolment (tuition and non-tuition fees), special conditions (if any), relevant policies around refund, welfare and accommodation, course attendance and progress, visa requirements for enrolment as an international student and privacy.  

Step 5

The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and the student sign and return the Provisional Letter of Offer and Written Agreement with confirmation of fees quoted in the Provisional Letter of Offer.  Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) may choose to pay more than 50% of total fees in which case a separate invoice will be issued.

IMPORTANT: if an agent is involved, they cannot sign documents nor make fee payments on behalf of the student or their parent(s)/legal guardian(s).

Step 6

On receipt of payment and return of signed Enrolment Acceptance/Written Agreement, the school will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) via PRISMS for the period the student is to be enrolled at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School.

Step 7

Student applies for the student visa and notifies the school when it is granted.

Step 8

If applicable, student submits Homestay Application Form and is matched with an appropriate family.  St Margaret’s Homestay provider is ISCA who administers and manages homestay fees directly with the family.

Step 9

If the student is undertaking an ELICOS course or a HSPP prior to commencing at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, then an integration day will be organised so that the student is able to attend some classes with their assigned buddy, organise school resources such as uniforms and text books, and discuss any subject selection queries.

Step 10

Arrangements are made for student arrival and commencement, such as airport pick-up or Homestay transfer, settling into the boarding house, organising outstanding school resources.

St Margaret's is registered with CRICOS and is approved to provide courses of education or training to overseas students in Queensland. 
St Margaret's School Council Ltd | ABN: 69069684019 | CRICOS Code: 00511K