International Policies

St Margaret's Anglican Girls School has a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and privacy of students and staff, as well as to protect the school equipment and facilities. These policies are available for download below:

Accommodation and Welfare Policy (PDF 135.1KB) Application for Letter of Release (PDF 375.4KB)
Community Code of Conduct (PDF 628.8KB)
Complaints and Appeals Policy (PDF 122.4KB) Student Progress Attendance and Course Duration Policy (PDF 140.1KB) ESOS Framework
Guidelines for Behaviour and Expectations of Students (PDF 118.3KB)
Deferment Suspension and Cancellaton Policy (PDF 143.9KB)
Policy on Entry Requirements (PDF 125.7KB) 
Privacy Policy (PDF 264.5KB)
Refund Policy (PDF 345.9KB)
Responsible Use of Information Technology (PDF 564.6KB)
Statement on Position on Course Credit (PDF 254.6KB)
Transfer Policy (PDF 117.9KB)
Sun Smart Policy (PDF 466.7KB)

Complying with your Visa conditions
As an International student in Australia it is VERY important that you comply with all of the requirements of your student visa. (See the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Website).

St Margaret's has a number of policies in place to ensure that your time spent here is safe and secure, and that you reach your academic potential. These conditions will also be discussed at orientation. Your Visa requirements as an International student are to:
maintain satisfactory course attendance and course progress
maintain approved welfare for duration of the course
maintain overseas student health cover for duration of the course
comply with all transfer regulations
pay all school fees.

You also have the right to fair and equitable treatment as an International student. Please read the ESOS Framework and the School's Complaint and Appeals Policy.


St Margaret's is registered with CRICOS and is approved to provide courses of education or training to overseas students in Queensland.
St Margaret's School Council Ltd | ABN: 69069684019 | CRICOS Code: 00511K