Clubs and Activities

St Margaret’s has a variety of thriving sports, arts and community service programs, clubs and activities, giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to find their true interests and passions. Through these programs, young people explore and form their identity, discover and develop their strengths and talents and grow friendships that will last a lifetime.

St Margaret's has a long, proud history of women in sport. The school was one of three founding members of the Queensland Girls' Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA) in 1908, an association that continues today.

Arts and Culture
St Margaret’s encourages students to develop their creativity and confidence in ways that will see them aspire to reach their highest potential. The clubs and activities available within the arts feature extracurricular options in theatre, dance, visual art and public speaking and offer students the opportunity to participate in competitive and non-competitive endeavours.

Community Service
The St Margaret’s values inform our approach in service to the community, providing context for many of the enriching activities promoted through student endeavour. This focus on community service gives students a wonderful sense of belonging and encourages growth, faith and philanthropic thinking.