St Margaret's tennis program is coordinated by Head Coach Beck Meares. Beck has been with St Margaret's for two years and has established a strong tennis program throughout the school with the help of Ryan Carson. Students can participate in the school tennis program by entering in the QGSSSA competition or by taking group and private lessons. Junior, Senior and Open teams are offered, including Years to 12. Recent achievements include:

1st Place Open B Team (Sacré Coeur)
1st Place Year 9/10 Team (Sacré Coeur)
2nd Place Overall (Sacré Coeur)

3rd Place Senior B Division
2nd Place Senior C Division

Head Coach
Beck is a highly experienced coach with nine years US college coaching experience and four years as a student/athlete. She was also Head Coach for the men's and women's tennis teams at MSU - Denver.

  • 2013 RMAC Women's Coach of the Year
  • 2011 Metro State Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2009 RMAC Men's Coach of the Year
  • 2004 Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Player of the Year

Competition and Venues
QGSSSA games are held on either Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Venues may include: Shaw Park, University of Queensland Tennis Centre, Queensland Tennis Centre and Nudgee Tennis Courts.

Competition uniform is the white representative shirt and tennis skirt; the school navy physical education uniform is acceptable for training.

Additional Competitions
Competitions for secondary school tennis include:
Term 1 - Sacré Coeur
Term 2 - St Margaret's Cup
Term 3 - QGSSSA
Term 4 - Knowles Cup

Competitions for primary school tennis include:
Term 1 - Andrews Cup
Term 2 - St Margaret's Cup