Enviro Committee

The Enviro Committee consists of a group of Year 10 environmental enthusiasts. Each member of the Enviro Committee identifies with a responsibility to be an environmentally aware citizen of our school and broader community. This is a great place for like-minded people to gather, raise issues, and devise solutions to promote sustainable living.

Members of the committee have a shared goal of promoting a more environmentally friendly culture within the school. The first project is promotion of re-usable coffee cups and a plan to collect and recycle the waxed paper coffee cups. 

The club was recently accepted to be part of the Brisbane City Council's Student Environmental Leadership Network (SELN) which provides an opportunity for two club members to represent St Margaret's within the wider Brisbane community. Through this program, St Margaret's representatives attend four meetings per year to network with students from other schools, discussing environmental issues and sharing ideas for proactive measures that can be installed at the school.