Tuckshop Menu

St Margaret's Tuckshop

The St Margaret’s tuckshop is open daily during term time, selling nutritious, home cooked food for breakfast, morning tea and lunch.

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School has partnered with Flexischools to allow parents and students to place orders online and also use their student ID card to make purchases at the tuckshop. You can place morning tea and lunch orders from your iPhone, iPad or mobile device. It is a simple and convenient 24/7 payment and ordering system that can be accessed from home, work or a mobile device.

Using the Flexischools cashless payment system will provide a convenient and more efficient ordering and payment system. By paying online, orders are faster and more accurate, giving parents and students peace of mind that their order and payment is received accurately at the school.

Cash is not accepted at the Tuckshop or M's Cafe. Student card or EFTPOS payments only. 

Term 2, 2023 Tuckshop Menu (PDF 221.5KB)


Go to www.flexischools.com.au

Step 1: Click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button

Step 2: Enter your Email Address

Step 3: You will be emailed a link to an online form – follow the link

Step 4: Choose a Name and Password and complete the form

Step 5: Add each of your Student/s name and their year group and link their student ID card number to the account

Step 6: Top-Up the Account – VISA, Mastercard or Direct Deposit. Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately.


Go to www.flexischools.com.au

Step 1: Enter your Username and Password

Step 2: Add a Student

Step 3: Select School from drop down – St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

Step 4: Start an Order by clicking Student's Name

Step 5: Select Day and click lunch order

Step 6: Select the Items to add to the Order then select Next

Step 7: Select Place Order

Step 8: Payment Options - If you need to add funds to your account select Continue

Step 9: Do the Top Up - Select Enter Details 

If you have any questions, please contact Flexischools. Their dedicated Help Line (1300 361 769) is open 8am-6pm (EDST) or via email: help@flexischools.com.au