Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision
St Margaret’s vision is to always be an outstanding day and boarding school for girls.

Our Mission
In a supportive Christian environment, reflecting the philosophy of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent, St Margaret's Anglican Girls School aims to provide excellence in teaching and learning within a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum complemented by other school activities, preparing confident, compassionate, capable women able to contribute in a global community.

Our Values
The school’s six core values are born from our Christian faith through our Anglican tradition - spirit, inclusivity, integrity, courage, respect and passion. These are embedded in every endeavour that the students undertake.

Spirit: A St Margaret’s girl will value and demonstrate an enthusiasm for the school, our faith tradition, and our environment. The St Margaret’s spirit is in all students and is there for life. It is a thread that connects St Margaret’s girls with each other.
Inclusivity: A St Margaret’s girl knows that every single person reflects the image of God and deserves to be treated with dignity. She demonstrates inclusivity by acting with compassion and charity, celebrating the gifts of every individual.  
Integrity: A St Margaret’s girl is known for her ethical behaviour. She is honest and reliable and acts with integrity. 
Courage: A St Margaret’s girl has strength of character and confidence in doing what is right. She is a part of a long line of women of faith who have had the courage to embrace challenge and change.
Respect: A St Margaret’s girl has respect for herself and others. She understands that she is a member of a diverse community, and she takes responsibility as a team member to care, support and cooperate with others.
Passion: A St Margaret’s girl expresses gratitude for the gift of life. She has a positive outlook on life that drives the commitment and persistence necessary for learning and achievement. 

Our Commitment
At St Margaret’s, we ensure our decisions and programs reflect a lived and intentional focus on the Philosophy of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent.

Envisioned Future
By the end of 2025, St Margaret’s will be known as an innovative school which has a global outlook and encourages aspiration and resilience in its students. St Margaret’s will continue to promote academic excellence, provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and offer relevant and inspirational student wellbeing programs focused on developing the skills and strengths students need to meet the challenges and opportunities for post-school life.

The St Margaret's Way
There's a way in which we strive to do things at St Margaret's; a way in which we seek to treat people throughout our community; and a way in which we aim to serve others. Underpinned by our school values, St Margaret's has developed a document which expresses the St Margaret's Way. Learn more about the St Margaret's Way (PDF 68.3KB)

The Anglican faith underpins all that we do at St Margaret's and is enacted daily by each member of the St Margaret's community as we interact with each other.