Admissions & Community Relations Team

No matter where you are in your decision to enrol your child in a school, the St Margaret’s Admissions and Community Relations team members are here to help you navigate that journey.

 Fiona Spooner  

Fiona Spooner leads the admissions team and specialises in international enrolments. Fiona’s daughters are third generation St Margaret’s girls. Fiona is a passionate advocate for St Margaret’s as a choice for your daughter’s schooling. Prior to working with the admissions team, Fiona worked in boarding for six years, most recently as Head of Junior House, and has an excellent knowledge of all areas of the school and special insight into the needs of students living away from home. .

 Judy Robinson

Mrs Judy Robinson specialises in secondary and boarding admissions. Raised in rural Queensland Judy delights in connecting with the many rural families seeking a boarding place at St Margaret’s. Now with a daughter of her own, Judy has a great deal of empathy for the families who are making the difficult decision and the sacrifices to send their daughters far from home for their schooling. For anyone seeking a secondary or boarding place at St Margaret’s, Judy will take your enquiry and be happy to tour the school with you and answer all your questions. “I encourage all families to come in and tour on a school day and see the school in action, and take the opportunity to discuss one-on one their daughter’s interests and how St Margaret’s can best serve their needs.”


 FISHER GRIMSHAW Jodi Mrs Jodi Fisher-Grimshaw specialises in primary admissions, looking after families entering St Margaret’s between Pre-Prep and Year 6. Jodi is an integral part of our primary school team, assisting our families from the enquiry stage through to ensuring a happy transition into daily life at St Margaret’s. Prior to Jodi’s role in primary admissions, she spent five years supporting our Deputy Principal and has a strong understanding of the inner workings of our school, and the many wonderful opportunities available to our girls throughout their time at St Margaret’s.

To contact our admissions team, please call (07) 3862 0777 or email