Admissions & Community Relations Team

No matter where you are in your decision to enrol your child in a school, the St Margaret’s Admissions and Community Relations team members are here to help you navigate that journey.

 Helen Lobegeiger

The Head of Admissions and Community Relations, Ms Helen Lobegeiger, is a past student, teacher and now future parent. Helen leads three admissions team members to help ensure prospective families have all the information they need to inform their decision in choosing a school for their child. A smooth transition into a new school plays a most important part in students and families settling in well. Helen liaises with staff and new families to ensure a positive start to their St Margaret’s journey. “I’m excited to be introducing families to the St Margaret’s, as I really do know, firsthand, the wonderful experiences they can have here and what a great community it is to be a part of. Having been a classroom teacher and head of sport, I know how hard all the staff work to give the girls some great life and learning experiences both in and outside the classroom, and equally how enthusiastic the girls are in making the most of all the opportunities, which is positively contagious in this school.”


 Judy Robinson

Mrs Judy Robinson specialises in secondary and boarding admissions. Raised in rural Queensland Judy delights in connecting with the many rural families seeking a boarding place at St Margaret’s. Now with a daughter of her own, Judy has a great deal of empathy for the families who are making the difficult decision and the sacrifices to send their daughters far from home for their schooling. For anyone seeking a secondary or boarding place at St Margaret’s, Judy will take your enquiry and be happy to tour the school with you and answer all your questions. “I encourage all families to come in and tour on a school day and see the school in action, and take the opportunity to discuss one-on one their daughter’s interests and how St Margaret’s can best serve their needs.”


 Angelin Achari

Ms Angelin Achari is our international admissions specialist, as well as the Global Exchange Coordinator. With her own exchange experience while studying at an international secondary school (Fiji) and as an international student at university (Wellington, New Zealand), Angelin is well placed to assist our overseas agents and international students. “I believe very strongly in a world where we are all getting to know and appreciate the wonderful cultural diversity of this planet,” said Angelin, “so it’s very inspiring to be part of two programs that facilitate this for young people from all over the world.”


 Elizabeth Hook A past student (2005), primary admissions team member Miss Elizabeth Hook is excited to be back at the school and working with the primary school team to both enrol and foster the journey of our youngest students through the school. With her office located within the primary school administration, Elizabeth is at the heart of all the primary school buzz and getting to know students and families. Elizabeth says helping new families transition into the St Margaret’s community has been very rewarding. “Starting at a new school can be quite a change and challenge for both students and parents, so being there to support families as they transition and ensuring they have a positive start to their St Margaret’s experience is so important.” 

To contact our admissions team, please call (07) 3862 0777 or email