Sociocultural Studies

A Sociocultural Faculty in any school delivers a very important part of the curriculum for students. The subjects within such a faculty prepare students to become active, curious learners, in ways that are fundamental to fulfilling civic and cultural responsibilities.

The Sociocultural Faculty aims to foster a philosophy of enquiry, a culture of critical thinking and questioning, and a sense of awe when faced with the act of learning. In addition, this faculty endeavours to create a body of independent, self-aware and confident learners who actively create their own futures by shaping their world. This is done through the study of literature, history, politics, values, ethics, human experiences, philosophy and culture. All the subjects offered within the faculty provide students with tools for extending ‘thinking’. 

Through Sociocultural students learn to be:

  • active global citizens, participating constructively in both their school and home lives
  • critical thinkers.

To develop these dispositions and skills students will debate, process, evaluate, interpret and reflect on a wide range of sources.

Subjects in the Sociocultural Faculty are:

  • Years 7 & 8 Humanities
  • Years 9 & 10 History
  • Years 9 & 10 Geography
  • Ancient History (Years 11-12)
  • Geography (Years 11-12)
  • Religious and Values Education ( Years 7-12)