Life in Pre-Prep

Daily Routine


The centre opens and children begin to arrive


Children play in indoor and outdoor spaces e.g. puzzles, dress ups, block area, art table


Group time, welcome, daily helpers


Focus on weather, watering plants, setting out table names etc.


Specialist lesson – library, HPE or music


Group time: language focus


Morning tea


Outdoor experiences, project work, art work, gardening


Tidy away


Group time: numeracy focus (music and movement)


Lunch > bathroom > make beds


Rest time activities: yoga stretching and breathing, relaxation, quiet resting with beautiful music


Make beds > put on shoes > quiet activities (puzzles, iPad, shared reading, reflection on the day)


Home time (children are collected by parents / guardians or OSHC staff)


Centre closes

Advent Centre Staff
Our Advent Centre is staffed by a qualified teacher and a qualified teacher aide. The Advent Centre has a staff/child ratio of one staff member for every ten children.

Specialist Teachers

Pre-Prep students attend lessons taught by specialist teachers in music, physical education, and library.

Information Technology

Our curriculum is enriched by the integration of communication technology within the classroom to extend, implement, individualise and differentiate learning.  We embed cameras, iPad and computer use for purposeful and meaningful experiences within the classroom for independent and group research, documentation and engaging with literacy and numeracy applications to extend our overall curriculum.


As a school, we value home and school relationships. We keep parents informed through several different channels:

  • Regular correspondence – daily face to face communication with families and parents are always welcome to request a meeting with our Pre-Prep teacher
  • Daily learning reflections, news and general information (emailed daily)
  • Storypark (launching 2018)
  • E-News (whole school newsletter, emailed weekly)
  • Portfolios are updated regularly with children’s ongoing learning and development, goals and assessment
  • Parent/teacher interviews (end of term 1 and term 3)
  • Written reports (mid-year report end of semester 1 and transition statement end of semester 2)

Pre-Prep Orientation & Home Visits

Pre-Prep Orientation morning is held towards the end of the year before the year of commencement and provides parents and children with a more specific overview of the Pre-Prep program and an opportunity to meet one another. Before the school year begins families have the opportunity for the teacher to visit the child’s home.  This casual visit provides the opportunity for the child to get to know the teacher in their own environment and likewise for the teacher.

Prep Orientation

Pre-Prep students participate in an orientation day prior to commencing Prep at St Margaret’s. Regular visits to the Primary School and participation in school events and excursions ensure all children are confident and comfortable to begin their first year of official schooling.