Learning Enhancement

Learning enhancement in the primary school is informed by the needs of the students. It encompasses intervention, enhancement and diverse learning opportunities. Student needs are identified through various standardised, summative, formative and diagnostic assessment and responsive intervention and enrichment programs are engaged to support student development.

A range of school-based and external academic opportunities are offered to ensure girls have the chance to be challenged and extended, in addition to the class differentiated curriculum.  

School Based

Core Plus Cluster Program: Differentiated curriculum across all subject areas.
Challenge Club: This club is held in the primary library at lunchtimes each Friday. Extension activities will include thinking games, maths activities, philosophy and co-operative learning skill development.  
Think-a-thon Challenge: This enrichment activity with a problem solving focus is conducted twice a year. It includes individual and small group challenges.  

External Opportunities

G.A.T.E.WAYS workshops
Gateways Challenge  
Brisbane’s Writer’s Festival
QAGTC holiday workshops
Geeks and Sleeks

Competition Opportunities

Opti-MINDS Challenge
G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge