Sister Margaret

Sister Margaret

At St Margaret's 1904-1908
B. 1890 D. 1986

Nellie Cummins, or Sister Margaret, was the first St Margaret’s past student to join the order of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent (SSA).

She was among 35 students enrolled at Eton High School (St Margaret’s founding name) in the early 1900s when the school was based first at Nundah and then at its second home, Toorak House in Hamilton.

Nellie became a member of staff at St Catharine’s in Warwick, a school which, like St Margaret’s, was founded by the SSA and became a novice in 1915.

In 1917, she was professed as a Sister of the Order by Bishop Le Fanu and proceeded to spend time at almost every SSA school including St Margaret’s, as well as Tufnell Home and the children’s hostel at Charleville.

She was said to be a prolific letter writer, remaining connected with her many friends this way.