Lucy Ferraro

Lucy Ferraro


At St Margaret’s 1999-2006

Lucy Ferraro (nee Cottee) is a fashion designer and founder of luxe linen label LJC DESIGNS.

After graduating from St Margaret’s in 2006, Lucy completed a Bachelor of Advertising & Media Communications at Queensland University of Technology. She then worked as an account manager at Bauer Media in magazine advertising for a few years. Wanderlust led Lucy to move to Bali, Indonesia, where she lived for two years exploring a completely different culture and way of life.

It was during her Balinese sojourn that LJCDESIGNS was born, both out of fate and tireless hard work. Initially, Lucy designed sterling silver jewellery that she sold to the USA via Etsy. She expanded into fashion in 2014 when she began designing women’s linen pieces. The collection was picked up by a few American stockists and the brand organically spread internationally. LJCDESIGNS is now stocked primarily in Australia and via an online shop, as well as through approximately 100 stockists across the globe in locations including North America, South Africa, New Zealand, the Maldives, the British Virgin Islands, Canada and London.

Lucy, whose sister, mother and aunt also attended St Margaret’s, said she loved her time at the school.

I met such a diverse group of ladies, particularly through the boarding school at St Margaret’s, all of whom I am proud to still call my best friends. I was also fortunate to have had the honour of captaining the swimming and lifesaving teams. 

Being a part of so many different sports teams and making friends with people from all different walks of life taught me the importance of team work, trusting others and the values associated with loyal friendship and hard work.

I still feel a real sense of pride having been a St Margaret’s girl.”