Jenny Stevens

Jenny Stevens

DipTeach  BEd  BSpEd  MEd  DipAud  MAudSA (CCP)

At St Margaret’s 1969-1973

Chaucer House

Jenny Stevens (nee Bowman) is currently the CEO/Clinical Director at Attune Hearing and has held this position for the past 15 years. Commencing with two to three clinics, Jenny has grown a national organisation with 65+ clinics servicing the medical community across five states. Attune is the largest national, private, full-service hearing and balance company dedicated to delivering the most accurate hearing/ vestibular/cochlear implant evaluations/ services and the most appropriate treatments for all ages. To de-risk Attune for shareholders, and to ensure “true” diagnostic audiological services to the medical community for the future in an increasing hostile retail hearing industry, Jenny was instrumental in the sale of Attune in 2020 for $55 m + +. In guaranteeing Attune’s future, Jenny has accepted the role of Attune Director and will continue Attune’s evolution in servicing the Australian medical community.

Jenny has worked as a Clinical Audiologist for over 25 years, holding senior management roles in both the private and public health industry. She was acknowledged for her contribution to the hearing industry and Attune, with a nomination for Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2013. She has also been acknowledged numerous times over the years for her contribution to the hearing industry and her profession.

As the Clinical Director of Attune, Jenny’s main area of interest is the holistic approach to patient care in audiology. In 2016, due to her innovative approach to audiological service delivery, she established a software company Otohub, which gives service accessibility to all patients, especially those in regional and remote areas. In July 2019, Otohub was sold for $10m euro, with Jenny retaining exclusivity in the Australian market for Attune and the Australian medical community. As an advocate for quality improvement, patient care and innovation, she has held and holds representative positions on Clinical Councils for both Audiology Australia and general medical practice and works with the medical community to achieve better outcomes for people with hearing, tinnitus and balance-related disorders.

Prior to audiology, Jenny was a physical education teacher. While teaching in high and primary schools she recognised the lack of physical education for children with special needs. Jenny was the pioneer in introducing physical education to Special School children in Queensland, and it was through her forward thinking and significant efforts that a framework was built which is still in existence today. This is a life achievement of which Jenny is immensely proud.

Jenny has worked extensively on a number of fundraising committees for children with special needs and was a founding committee member of the Sony Camp Brisbane – Children with Disabilities through the Sony Foundation, Sydney.

Jenny is a member of Audiology Australia and over the years has held various positions representing her professional body. She has also held member and committee member positions at Commercial Rowing Club Brisbane and rows competitively in Queensland and interstate.

Jenny is a third generation St Margaret’s student. Her grandmother attended Eton College for Girls and her mother attended St Margaret’s CEGS after WW2. Jenny’s daughters also attended St Margaret’s.

Of her St Margaret’s education, Jenny said: “St Margaret’s gave me the belief that girls could do anything and that we were born to fly upwards - a motto that continues to guide me throughout life.  It was also instilled in me that difficulties are just things we need to overcome and to embrace fear of failure and make it your friend. A St Margaret’s athletics coach ingrained in me from an early age that a super human effort isn’t worth a damn unless you achieve results!”