Dr Ricki Bliss

Dr Ricki Bliss

BSc, BA, PhD

At St Margaret’s 1993 - 1996

After graduating from St Margaret’s in 1996, Ricki Bliss had every intention of pursuing a career in medicine. She studied a Bachelor of Science at The University of Queensland (UQ) but upon completion of her degree chose to seek out an alternative career pathway. Ricki went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts at UQ before pursuing her PhD studies at The University of Melbourne. She was awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship at Kyoto University in Japan and another through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany.

Since earning her doctorate, Professor Ricki Bliss has published several scholarly papers, two edited volumes, as well as reference articles and book reviews, and has lectured at many universities around the world. She is currently an associate professor of philosophy at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA, where she specialises in metaphysics.

Ricki says she appreciates, now more than ever, the opportunities she had throughout her St Margaret’s years.

“When I was a student, Brisbane was barely on the world map, yet St Margaret’s offered an absolute world class education. The kinds of literature we were exposed to, all the hours spent at the Mayo Art Centre, the swimming classes, the history lessons, the standards to which we were held, creates girls who can compete academically with the finest from around the world. St Margaret’s instilled in me a sense that the world of professionals was a world that I was able to inhabit if I worked hard enough,” said Ricki.