Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills

At St Margaret’s   1971-1977

Deborah Mills attended St Margaret’s from Grade 6. It was a very supportive place for girls to study science (chemistry, biology, physics) and helped her get into medical school. She graduated from the University of Queensland in 1983.

She has been fortunate to be able to combine her passions for travel and medicine and has become an authority on travel medicine in Australia. She is the medical director of two Brisbane clinics under the banner of Dr Deb The Travel Doctor and medical spokesperson for the Travel Medicine Alliance: a group of over 30 travel medicine clinics across Australia. She has published a book, Travelling Well, the 'must have’ guide to a safe and healthy journey,   which is now in its 18th edition with over 185,000 copies in print. In addition, it is available in digital formats such as iBook, and kindle. She has also developed two medical apps for the iPhone; Travel Health (the first of its kind in the world), and Vaccine Record for travellers.

She is a regular on the radio and is published in both the medical and lay press on the subject of travel health, particularly on the subject of rabies. She recently dabbled in film making to produce a quirky you tube film -" Travelling Well or not”. In her spare time, she lobbies about global warming and particularly its effect on the health of the most vulnerable in society.  

An enduring gift from her time at St Margaret’s was the friendships made with some of her classmates - which continue today, over 40 years later.