Yabbr and St Margaret's partner to support girls in tech

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School and communications technology company Yabbr are giving young women the chance to participate, thrive and lead in the technology industry through a corporate partnership built on shared value.

The partnership reflects both organisations’ commitment to inclusivity and building a female future workforce in the technology industry.

With the support of Yabbr, St Margaret’s will grow eSports as an extracurricular activity and boost the burgeoning Girls in Gaming initiative.

The partnership will also connect Yabbr with outstanding students, allowing them to bring the brightest minds into their business through internships, as well as mentor and support the next generation of STEM leaders through St Margaret’s school-based programs including Beyond the Panama and the Broadening Horizons Conference.

St Margaret’s Principal Ros Curtis said the partnership was another exciting initiative enabling students to access real-world educational opportunities and develop their skills to meet the needs of today’s employers.

“St Margaret’s has, for a number of years now, been focused on delivering innovative careers and employability programs for its students and helping young women to identify and develop the necessary skills to participate, thrive and lead in a global economy. 

“These 21st century skills include strategic thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, communication, leadership and mentorship, digital citizenship and positive online behaviours, all of which can be developed through participation in organised eSports.

“Yabbr’s support will provide more opportunities for our students to develop these highly sought after skills, as well as the chance to access work experience, giving them a leading edge when it comes to their future careers,” Ms Curtis said.

Yabbr Founder James Stewart said, “Yabbr is proud to be the foundation sponsor for St Margaret’s eSports and this Australian first initiative, Girls in Gaming AU. Not only does an all-female eSport league provide a safe space for young women to game and collaborate, but we also see this as a grassroots approach to encourage young women to explore the various careers in the technology sector of which females are grossly underrepresented.

“On a personal note, as part of this great partnership, I received an open invitation to play Mario Kart, a wholesale win all-round,” he said.