World Teachers' Day

The teaching staff at St Margaret’s are highly qualified, dedicated, innovative educators who provide excellence in teaching and learning and are committed to the wellbeing of students.

St Margaret’s joined schools across the globe in celebrating World Teachers’ Day on Tuesday 5 October, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our teaching staff who are so committed to the philosophy of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent as well as the school’s mission to prepare confident, compassionate, capable women able to contribute to a global society.

In the lead up to World Teachers’ Day, we asked some of our students to share their appreciation and gratitude for our teaching staff.

“My favourite thing is when my teacher marks my writing and then teaches me new things by giving me feedback” – Madeleine Adsett (Prep B)

“I love my teachers because they teach me new things” – Adelaide Frost (Prep B)

“They are special to me because my teacher lets us do lots of fun things” – Vivienne Cowie (Prep B)

“I am grateful for the teachers at St Margaret's for their unwavering support throughout my learning journey. My teachers have encouraged me to strive for my personal best and they have given me the confidence to actively participate in class discussion, thus helping those around me learn too. The most valuable advice they have given me is to not be so hard on myself when things go wrong.” – Georgina Winter (Year 12)

* The image at the top of this page was taken prior to mask mandate requirements in schools.