St Margaret's teachers seeing double as eight sets of twins commence school year at St Margaret's

Teachers will be seeing double at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School in Ascot as eight sets of twins walked through the school gates for the start of the school year.

Three sets of the twins are in Year 3 amongst a cohort of around 40 students.

Identical twins Olivia and Ruby Howard started at St Margaret’s four years ago and will be in Year 11 this year.

“We sometimes get confused, especially when we’re in the same class and if we sit together.

“We have often thought about orchestrating a practical joke like switching classes but have never had the courage to follow through!” said Olivia.

The pair share similar sporting interests, both being members of the school’s water polo, swimming and rowing squads.

“Ruby is quite musically talented whereas I’m more into speech and drama and I am more outgoing while Ruby is quieter,” said Olivia.

Last year the twins spent months apart on the opposite sides of the world as part of the school’s Global Exchange Program; Ruby in Germany and Olivia in South Africa.

Coincidentally, the twins exchange partners were also twins.

“It was nice how it worked out as my exchange partner also had a twin brother and Ruby’s partner was also a twin, so I felt we were still connected in a way.

“I did think about Ruby a lot throughout the term, but I kept busy and knew we would be reunited again.

“We chatted and shared our experiences frequently which was great,” said Olivia.

Principal Ms Ros Curtis said it would certainly be interesting times for the teachers.

“Whilst most of our older girls are well known by staff, I am sure there will be a few laughs over cases of mistaken identity.

“There is also a lot to consider when placing twins in classes.

“Some parents like them to be together, others prefer the siblings to be in different classes. That can be because of concerns about separation anxiety or even as a way to build confidence,” said Ms Curtis.

Olivia said: “Being a twin definitely has its advantages like being able to help each other with our work and assignments and always having someone to stand by you in a difficult situation.”