St Margaret's teacher receives National Excellence in Teaching Award

St Margaret's is very pleased to announce that Louise Brown, Head of Faculty – Sociocultural Studies, has been awarded a 2022 National Excellence in Teaching Award.

In 2022, these highly prestigious awards attracted over 2000 nominations nationwide, from which 54 stage 2 interviews were conducted to produce a final list of 20 winners.

Award winners receive a professional development grant of up to $10,000 to further their career and to find ways to help their students reach their potential. Winners were honoured in a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday 30 November, each presenting a pre-recorded speech in which Louise said how grateful she was to have received the award and thanked those who nominated her.

Louise has been an educator for over 20 years and is passionate about the power of education to transform people’s lives. Originally from the United Kingdom, Louise has been at St Margaret’s since 2018, joining as a history teacher, but after only one term embarking on a leadership journey which has included Assistant Head of Faculty - Sociocultural Studies and Acting Head of Faculty - Sociocultural Studies before being appointed to her current position as Head of Faculty - Sociocultural Studies in 2021. She teaches Humanities, (Junior) History and (Senior) Modern History and RVE.

As an educator and a leader, Louise says she wants to inspire and motivate others – both staff and students - to be the best version of themselves. 

“I’m trying to be the best version of myself.

“Everyone comes to school or work wanting to do a good job and I would like to help those in my sphere of influence, be they staff or students, to feel confident to do that.

“There have been a few times in my life where someone has seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself, and it’s changed my life. Ultimately, that is what I would like to gift people,” Louise said.

Louise is also on the management committee of the Queensland History Teachers Association and facilitates a popular online History Teachmeet every school term. The teachmeets connect the history community offering support, sharing practices, advice and ideas, and ultimately, strengthening that community for the ultimate benefit of the students.

“Ongoing professional learning can help ensure we are supporting the students the best way we can,” says Louise.

“I am particularly passionate about the power of History as a vehicle for improving students’ reading, writing, and vocabulary.

Louse says she also loves the depth and rigour of History.

“It invites students to think deeply about the world; I love having classroom discussions where we can listen and respect and grapple with some really big important questions.”

Louise is St Margaret’s second NEITA award winner in recent years, with primary teacher Lucardia Moulton receiving a 2020 award for her outstanding contribution to St Margaret’s remote learning response.