St Margaret's celebrates high achieving graduates of 2022

St Margaret’s celebrated the academic achievements of its 2022 graduates at the annual Scholars Assembly held on Tuesday 31 January.

During the assembly, each of the 67 Scholars who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above were honoured with an award.

Principal Ros Curtis said, “It is a privilege to be in the company of these young women who have distinguished themselves with an excellent academic standard as a result of hard work and consistent effort. Their example of scholarship is there for us all to copy and to inherit.”

The assembly is always an inspiring event for our current student body who have the opportunity to learn from those that have gone before them.

In the lead up to the assembly, each scholar was asked to share their reflections and advice to inspire our current students, which has been published in a booklet and available to current students in hard copy form and via The POD.

In her address, Ms Curtis inspired students to consider goal setting, sharing sage words from Nora Ephron, an American writer and film director, who said: “Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

Ms Curtis explained: “The only way you can do this, is for you to take charge of your destination and for you to be in the driver’s seat.”

She concluded with these words: “My final advice to you all is to be tantalised and driven by your goals. It is up to you, and I hope that you can achieve them and flourish.

“To the scholars of 2022, congratulations on reaching your goal and thank you all for being great academic role models for all the students around you. We wish you the best for your future studies and endeavours, and may you have the courage to take the risks to reach or even surpass your goals, and may you continue to be inspired by the school’s motto, Per Volar Sunata – Born to Fly Upwards.”

The QCE Subject Prizes were also presented during the assembly to those students who achieved the highest overall subject result. The subject prize award recipients are listed below:

QCE Subject Prize

Award Recipient


Sin Ting Law

Ancient History

Isabella Martin

Esther Quirk


Rachel Fitzgerald


Rachel Fitzgerald

Jessica Norvill


Christy Mou


Isla McWilliam

Digital Solutions

Audrey Wren


Ella Gouldthorp


Christy Mou


Taylor Duncan

Christy Mou

Maya Porras


Ruby Greenup

English and Literature Extension

Ella Woods


Ella Woods

General Mathematics

Chelsea Johnson


Annabel Lauder

Legal Studies

Syren Letizia


Isla McWilliam

Mathematical Methods

Christy Mou

Modern History

Kate Bloomfield

Imogen Elliott


Anna Bridge

Annette Chan

Music Extension

Anna Bridge


Jessica Norvill

Physical Education

Audrey Denton

Specialist Mathematics

Jessica Norvill

Visual Art

Isla McWilliam

Jessica Norvill and Christy Mou were announced as the joint QCE Proxime Accessit Duces of the school while Ella Woods received the QCE Dux of the School Award. Both Jessica and Ella also received the ATAR Dux Award.

2022 School Captains Holly Marchant and Ruby Greenup shared some final words of advice with current students. Holly, who is this year studying a Bachelor of Health Science at ANU, encouraged students to have a well-rounded approach at school, promoting involvement in extracurricular activities to support study/life balance. Ruby, who will study Vet Science after taking a gap year to work on her family property, encouraged students to prioritise the things that recharged their batteries; to use spare periods at school wisely; and finally, to not be afraid to lean on St Margaret’s supportive Academic Advisers and teaching staff. Ruby concluded with these positive words of encouragement to current students: “Just do what you can do because you are plenty enough already.”

Jessica Norvill, who will this year study a Bachelor of Engineering/Masters of Engineering, shared her advice: “Know yourself as a learner and figure out how you study best” and “use or take advantage of the resources the school provides”. Ella Woods, who is this year studying a Bachelor of Laws with provisional entry to the Doctor of Medicine program at UQ, advised students to vary their study as much as possible to maintain motivation, for example, changing study environments and using a variety of study techniques.

Our Scholars have each embarked on their post school journey pursuing a range of tertiary studies from law through to science.

Congratulations to our inspirational 2022 Scholars. May you have continued success as you move into this next phase of your educational and career journey.