Sisters crafty fundraising idea

Sisters, Valletta in Year 5 and Nina in Year 3, have crafted a fundraising idea motivated by a desire to help others in need.

The siblings have learnt the age-old art of macramé and are putting their skills to good use making and selling plant hangers to raise money for charity.

Macrame, or knotting, is one of many crafts that has seen a resurgence recently and the sisters became hooked on the craft at a school holiday workshop.

The girls are planning to donate proceeds from their craft project to the sick children and their families at Hummingbird House.

Valletta said, “Our mum inspired us because she will spend five days trekking the Great Wall of China next year to raise money for Hummingbird House.

“We wanted to help out too and so we thought it would be a great idea to make and sell our macrame plant hangers and donate the money to Hummingbird House,” she said.

The girls are using materials donated by their mum and dad for the project and plan on spending the next several months busily crafting their macrame hangers ready for sale at a local market and to family and friends.

The girls crafty idea has also become a school project as part of St Margaret’s service learning program which aims to inspire students to develop a life-long commitment to giving and involves community service as part of the greater education curriculum in both the primary and secondary schools.