Seizing every opportunity

When Maggie Maclean was announced as school captain of St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, she was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

“Being announced as school captain initially felt quite surreal and came as a great surprise. 

“Quickly this gave way to a strong sense of gratitude to be given such an opportunity and I am very excited to work closely with so many incredible individuals.  “It is an honour to be able to represent St Margaret’s, and play a part in upholding its traditions and values,” Maggie said.

As she prepares to embrace the opportunity and step into her new role alongside fellow classmate and Captain Se Yeon Kim, she reflects on her time at the school so far.

“We have access to so many opportunities at St Margaret’s and the experiences I’ve had so far have broadened my horizons,” Maggie said.

“Since starting at the school, my perspective of what the future could be was instantly inspired. There have been so many opportunities to connect with and hear from Old Girls and guest speakers through events like the Broadening Horizons Conference and Beyond the Panama. Hearing their journeys firsthand has helped me get an authentic and realistic picture of what life may look like after school and the array of possibilities that exist,” Maggie said.

The culture of learning at St Margaret’s extends beyond academic domains, with students encouraged to discover their passions and develop both their minds and bodies through a diverse range of extra-curricular activities.

Maggie says she’s appreciative of the range of opportunities on offer outside the classroom.

“I’m so grateful for the diverse experiences to develop my skills and abilities. As a member of the school’s environmental committee, I’ve helped develop solutions to drive sustainable initiatives and motivated our school community to do what they can to work towards a more sustainable future.

“Participating in the Ethics Olympiad competition challenged me to consider moral issues in a systematic and open-minded way while my involvement in sports including badminton, netball and rowing has helped me to nurture stronger connections with girls in other year levels and develop my teamwork and communication skills. I love being a part of the school’s sporting spirit, and I’ve learnt so much about commitment and time management.

“I’ve also found it so rewarding to make a difference and a positive impact through fundraising activities like the school’s annual Ponytail Project,” Maggie said.

While Maggie is yet to settle on what she would like to study when she finishes school, she says that thanks to the school’s Broadening Horizons Conference and Careers Expo and hearing the personal stories and career journeys of guest speakers, she feels prepared and confident to pursue her preferred pathways.

“These opportunities have helped to inform me of my options when I graduate and guided me in choosing my senior subjects so that I would be meeting prerequisites for the fields that I am considering.

“I’m considering either medicine or law and humanities, and although very different fields, the subjects I am studying now will allow me to pursue either pathway when I graduate,” Maggie said.

Aside from the opportunities, Maggie says one of the special things about St Margaret’s is the community connection.

“I have made so many irreplaceable friendships and am so grateful for the support of teachers and staff. The St Margaret’s community is permeated by a genuine care and consideration for all, a characteristic that really distinguishes the school,” Maggie said.