Opportunities abound for boarding student

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Kettle grew up on a cattle station in the central highlands between Capella and Clermont where her family are fourth generation graziers.

The boarding student helps out with the mustering, drafting, branding and carting on the property when she heads home each school holidays.

“There’s always something to do,” Elizabeth says.

Now in Year 12, Elizabeth aspires to follow in her family’s footsteps and pursue a career in the agriculture business.

She’s currently studying a Diploma of Business while completing her Year 12 studies which will place her in good stead to study agriculture business and science when she leaves school.

At boarding school, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to explore her many passions, from playing sports such as touch football and athletics to exploring her interest in design.

Taking advantage of every opportunity, Elizabeth completed a Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology last year.

She has also relished in the opportunity to be a school leader this year in her role as Boarder Prefect, mentoring younger boarders.

“I think that the role of essentially guiding and supporting the girls through their year is a really beneficial responsibility.

“Boarding at St Margaret’s has been a valuable experience.

“You become quite literally sisters and essentially one huge family, which is one of the things I love about this boarding community.

“Our closed weekends are a great opportunity for our boarding community to come together and celebrate each other and our differences,” Elizabeth said.

While her boarding school education has contributed to her appreciation of diversity, Elizabeth’s participation in a global exchange also helped broaden her horizons.

“I was fortunate to attend St Mary’s School in Durban, South Africa for two months, an experience that I deeply value and will forever remember,” Elizabeth said.

St Margaret's was pleased to attend AGGROW in Emerald in June where our Head of Boarding was able to connect with past students and past parents and the community from which they hail as well as prospective families exploring their education options.

This story was published in Central Queensland News. Read the article here.