Netball talent runs in the genes

There has been a healthy dose of friendly, sibling rivalry on the court during St Margaret’s Club Netball season this year.

Among two of the Club Netball teams, there are four sets of sisters playing, each with a big sister in one team and the younger sibling in the other team.

What’s more, each sister duo plays the same position on court.

Georgia O’Driscoll (Year 10) and Alice O’Driscoll (Year 11) both play goal attack or goal shooter.

Alice says she and her sister are somewhat competitive, “mostly when we play in the backyard”.

“I hope someday we can play together on the same team,” she says.

Younger sister Georgia says having her older sibling play the same sport and same position is a great advantage.

“She is a very good player and her tips are really useful,” says Georgia.

Emily Millar (Year 9) and Louise Millar (Year 12) both play centre and wing attack.

Louise says she enjoys having her sister play the same sport.

“I love playing practice games against her since we play the same position,” says Louise.

Height and talent clearly run in the family for Georgia Warby (Year 8) and Harriet Warby (Year 11) who both play goal defence and wing defence.

The Williams siblings, Anthea (Year 12) and Helaina (Year 8) both started playing netball at four years of age and play wing attack and wing defence.