Lenten celebrations

Last week St Margaret’s students gathered for an Ash Wednesday Service to mark the commencement of Lent.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting for 40 days, traditionally Lent is a time of fasting or penitence in preparation for the celebration of Easter. It is also an opportunity for self-reflection.

St Margaret’s students were encouraged to think about what they could take up rather than give up, such as being more intentional in being kind to others, sitting quietly and reflecting on being mindful.

These COVID times required a little adjustment to the traditional custom of receiving ashes on the forehead and so this year students received a take home bookmark displaying the important holy symbol of the ashes on one side and the below quote and message on the other:

From stardust we came, to stardust we will return.

The real work of Lent is to renew our sense of connection with God, with humanity, and with the world, thus restoring our dignity and calling us back to ourselves to a place where we acknowledge the invitation to choose new life.

St Margaret’s Prep students began their Lenten celebrations on Shrove Tuesday, the traditional feast day before the start of Lent, enjoying delicious pancakes cooked by some of the Prep dads, before learning about Lenten commitments.