Introducing St Margaret's School Captains for 2019

Congratulations to the student leaders for 2019 who will soon take over the reigns as our students experience their last few weeks of the school year.

Principal Ms Curtis said the leadership appointments reflected a high engagement by the students in all the activities and alignment to the values of the school.

“Effective leaders bring people together. They use their influence to support others, they inspire their teams, they accomplish great things and when they have finished their time as leaders, in other words when they graduate from Year 12, they have left a legacy; that is, they have had an influence which will outlast their time as a leader.

“Our aim in choosing school leaders was to choose those with the right motivations  ΜΆΜΆ  those who have demonstrated a commitment to our school values of passion, integrity, respect, faith, courage and spirit,” said Ms Curtis.

Ms Curtis explained the leadership appointment was a long information gathering process based on the input of many things including an application, presentations to the student body, interviews, voting by staff and students and proven knowledge of how that student has contributed throughout their time at St Margaret’s.

“We have reflected on the quality of their skills as a leader, their ability to listen, their resilience, their desire to work collaboratively with others, their desire to exercise care and compassion and to be a role model,” said Ms Curtis.

View the full list of Student Leaders for 2019 here. (PDF 195.7KB)

Isabella Corby-Bakkelund

Isabella has attended St Margaret’s since Year 8 and boarded since Year 9.

An active participant in the extracurricular life of the school, Isabella plays the flute and is a member of various music ensembles and performed in the school musical, The Sound of Music. She has also enjoyed her sporting involvement during her time at St Margaret’s playing netball, basketball and touch football.

In 2017, Isabella participated in the Year 10 Global Exchange Program attending Konan Girls High School in Japan for one term.

Isabella says she is grateful for the opportunities she’s had so far at St Margaret’s

“I have always felt that every opportunity was in my grasp. Networking breakfasts, camps, tours, field trips, sports and so many other activities are available to all of us, all of which contribute heavily to the globalised student body here. As a boarder, living with girls from such a range of cultures continues to expand my mind every day,” Isabella said.

Isabella hopes to continue studying and her passion for learning whilst also pursuing her penchant for travel when she leaves St Margaret’s.

St Margaret

Ella Leavey

Throughout her time at St Margaret’s, Ella has embraced a range of extracurricular activities offering a balance to her academic focus. A keen musician, she has been involved in various music ensembles, performed in the school musical, The Sound of Music, and has also enjoyed developing her public speaking skills as a debater. She also relishes the opportunity to be involved in team sports such as rowing and basketball. Ella said the nurturing and supportive environment at St Margaret’s has helped her to thrive and to step up to any challenge.

Ella has participated in various cross-cultural activities, from being an international study tour buddy, participating in the recent music tour to Europe and even learning Chinese as a subject. Ella said: “These experiences have opened my eyes to other cultures beyond Australia, something which will assist me well beyond Year 12. Welcoming exchange students from over the globe in Year 10 has also added a new dimension to lunchtime conversations, as we learnt about their school and country.”

Looking ahead to 2019 Ella said, “As school captain next year, I am hoping to carry on the sense of unity that is so special about St Margaret’s, and has been strengthened by the 2018 prefects’ initiative, the St Margaret’s ‘Sisterhood’. From the girls in the primary school right through to the seniors, as soon as we put on the middy we’re all part of this wonderful ‘sisterhood’ and I’d love for this to continue to grow. This unity also continues through to the staff, parents and wider school community, and I would love to further promote this. I am also hoping to strengthen the connection between the current Maggie’s girls and Old Girls, as I believe there is a lot we can learn from our past students.”

“Having observed our current school captains has been so beneficial as we have been able to ‘learn the ropes’ from inspiring leaders. Annie and Xanthe are wonderful school captains and learning from them will ensure we can begin 2019 ready to hit the ground running,” said Ella.

Ella would like to pursue a career in medicine when she leaves St Margaret’s with a dream to work as a doctor in a neonatal intensive care unit.

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