International Women's Day

Celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women is part of the culture at St Margaret’s. Also, part of the discussion is about the pursuit for gender equality for women in all fields of endeavour. 

Acknowledging International Women’s Day, held every year 8 March, is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on women’s achievements and women’s equality for our students on a global level.

Part of the focus for International Women’s Day is celebrating women’s achievements and last week St Margaret’s students had several opportunities to do just that.

Guest speaker Betsy Rutledge (’02) shared her journey to becoming a lawyer with students at the International Women’s Day assembly, while our young learners took part in Primary Careers Education hearing from several women about their interesting and diverse careers paths. Thank you to our parents who shared their time and their stories with the students including solicitor Kelli Martin, accountant and managing partner of Adrians Kimberley Middlemis, interior architect Kirsti Simpson and engineer Eva Cho. Thank you also to pilot, Captain Amanda Jackson-Andrews for sharing her inspirational career journey.

Opportunities such as these, where our students see and hear about the careers and achievements of remarkable women, really drives home the saying, “If you can see it, you can be it”.

This was brought to the fore during Eva Cho’s presentation during which one of the Year 1s said “But, you don’t look like an engineer.” This of course, sparked much discussion about what an engineer looks like. It is experiences such as these that helps to break down myths about gender stereotypes and proves to our girls that women can do and be anything