Giving Day: now that's bold!

On Thursday 19 March 2020, St Margaret’s held its inaugural Giving Day, a bold fundraising move as the school celebrates 125 years of educating and empowering girls.

In just 24 hours, 403 donors and matching donors contributed to raise a total of $160,883 towards the completion of St Margaret’s sports precinct, a project which will provide our young women with outstanding new learning facilities to support their education, health and wellbeing for life.

We truly appreciate the St Margaret’s community who have supported our bold new vision for St Margaret’s sport and whose gift will enable every St Margaret’s girl to benefit from state-of-the-art new sports facilities.

Students celebrated Giving Day with their Houses enjoying lunchtime activities, music and a sausage sizzle. Each House or team proudly rallied together in competitive spirit watching team tallies climb as parents supported their daughter’s House.

Kendall House topped the Giving Day ladder with a total of $30,972 funds raised by 56 donors, followed by Chaucer with a total of $22,973 raised by 49 donors.

St Margaret’s Principal Ms Ros Curtis acknowledged the community for their support.

“We are grateful to our community for their spirit and generosity on our inaugural Giving Day. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your contribution will make a huge difference to St Margaret’s students and our learning facilities.

“Our school has a long history of philanthropy with the facilities the girls benefit from today being delivered by the efforts of previous generations of parents, past students and staff.

“Through our inaugural Giving Day, the St Margaret’s community has boldly continued this philanthropic culture ensuring a legacy for today’s and future generations of St Margaret’s students,” said Ms Curtis.

If you missed Giving Day and would like to make a donation, please contact our Director of Philanthropy and Stakeholder Engagement, Lara Pickering by calling 07 3862 0884 or email