From small town to School Captain of Brisbane's St Margaret's Anglican Girls School

Country girl Ruby Greenup moved to the big smoke five years ago to commence her boarding school education at Australia’s top boarding school (2019 & 2020), St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School.St Margaret

The rural girl from small town Kumbia has come so far since her first day at the school. Embarking on her final year, Ruby has embraced her new role as Co School Captain alongside classmate Holly Marchant.

“I am so excited to be able to lead the school. This leadership role tops off a long list of opportunities I have had access to at St Margaret’s,” Ruby said.

“Opportunities” is the word Ruby uses to describe her St Margaret’s education and she lists sport, friendships and broad subject choices among these as well as the enduring networks and connections made within the boarding community.

“There are so many supportive families within our community who really embrace the boarders as their own,” Ruby said.

On the subject of sport, Ruby has loved every minute (even those before dawn) of her participation in rowing at St Margaret’s including the highlight - coxing the First VIII to Head of the River victory last year. “Rowing at St Margaret’s is not just about the sport or fitness – it is about teamwork, trust and dedication. It is so rewarding to be part of the rowing community which is so tight knit. I never would have had this opportunity at home,” Ruby said.

While living away from home has been challenging at times, Ruby has always felt supported. “The Head of Boarding, housemothers and pastoral care staff are always available to talk to, but I also find that keeping busy helps to take your mind off homesickness. I row and also love to play piano,” she said.

Reunited with her family on their cattle property each school holidays, Ruby swaps her school panama for her akubra, rolls up her sleeves and gets straight back into the work that she loves – mustering and drafting the family’s 6000 head of cattle.St Margaret

In fact, she loves working on the land so much she plans to return one day to either manage or one day own the family cattle business or her own agricultural business. Before she returns from the city however, she plans to study Veterinary Science at university followed by additional studies in business or agricultural science so that she is well skilled when she returns to the land.

Ruby counts the school community including the friends, parents, teachers, boarders, boarding house staff and coaches among her favourite things about St Margaret’s.

“The wise people around me every day, whether that be my friends’ parents, teachers, boarding house staff have taught me so much about life. I have also been inspired by our Head of Rowing and rowing coaches who not only guided, mentored and encouraged me through my coxing journey but also taught me about passion, humility and selflessness and serving something greater than yourself,” Ruby said.