Embracing every opportunity

For Se Yeon Kim, opportunities are what she has valued most about her St Margaret’s education and it’s her involvement in the school’s expansive extracurricular program that has helped develop and shape her leadership skills to prepare her for her new role as School Captain alongside classmate Maggie McLean.

“I’ve really valued the breadth of opportunities at St Margaret’s and the chances to try new things and step outside my comfort zone. It’s through these school experiences that I have developed responsibility, motivation, active listening and confidence, and these qualities have helped shape the person I am today,” Se Yeon said.

From the very beginning of her St Margaret’s journey, Se Yeon made a commitment to taking advantage of every opportunity, including extracurricular involvement. A multi-instrumentalist, Se Yeon plays both the flute and cello and has played in several ensembles since starting at the school in Year 7.

“I have really enjoyed developing and learning my playing skills through the music program at St Margaret’s as well as mentoring younger students. An added benefit has been developing connections with students in different year levels,” Se Yeon said.

In addition to her extracurricular involvement in music, Se Yeon has tried her hand at several sports.

“I made it a personal goal to be involved in at least one sport each year. At first it was exciting to try different sports that weren’t offered at my previous primary school, but now I really enjoy the spirit and fun that comes with being a part of a St Margaret’s sporting team,” Se Yeon said.

St Margaret’s is committed to finding new ways to being more environmentally conscious as a school and to encouraging students to adopt a mindset that promotes a genuine care and concern for our environment. Se Yeon has enjoyed the responsibility of being a member of the Enviro Committee and collaborating with her peers to promote sustainable initiatives to the school community.

As she prepares to embark on her new leadership role, Se Yeon says she is ready to serve her St Margaret’s community.

“I intend to lead with a focus on the growth and wellbeing of the St Margaret’s community. I hope that Maggie and I can continue the great work of the school captains that have gone before us by continuing to strengthen the connection of our St Margaret’s sisterhood and motivating the girls to take advantage of every opportunity we have here at St Margaret’s,” Se Yeon said.

“It’s definitely an honour to be tasked with such a responsibility. Maggie and I shadowed the current captains with some of their duties last year, and I can say that I’m excited for what this year will bring,” Se Yeon said.